About The Watcher

Oh hi there.

In high school, I had to go to a scholarship dinner and while everyone was talking about how their parents were alumni of the school, I bobbed from one important person to another trying to sound classier than I actually am. It wasn’t until I talked about television on accident that I realized that every normal person has that in common–a love for television. Television has always been an important part of my life: be it when Tina Wesson became my immortalized hero after winning Survivor: The Australian Outback or when my core friend group in high school was Meredith, Cristina, George, Izzie, and sometimes Alex.

One day, it’s my hope to write my own television show, but in the mean time, I write about other people’s. If you want to be really stressed out, you can follow me @justinkirkland4 as I live-tweet my favorite shows by the minute. If you want to keep it simple, I dig that. Just check back ever so often–I will have surely watched and written by the time you swing back by.


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